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by Deckard Croix

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Romantic 04:08
The precious invention is wanting. The pregnant quiet is desperate. The struggle against the conformed. The powers-that-be aren't romantic. We need a strong hand - romantic. Doctrinal anarchy romance. x2 Every truth implies setting. Every action subjective. Emphasise dark side of living. Feelings swell southside - romantic. We need a strong hand - romantic. Doctrinal anarchy romance.
Ideology paves way to atrocity. Eschatology, dawn of a new day. Presuppose ill-rationed logic knows, Presuppose life as an antenna. Stay alone in your comfort zone, Fear disguised as practicality. Through the individual: Archetypal apropos. Now the long form and the strong form and reform altogether. And tone-deaf in our noses to boot! Mother matrix most mysterious And mortally struck on pop poetics. (Serially now x3)
Telepathine 05:01
I haven't had this dream in years, This vision is no rejection of inverse intention. It cannot be described in words, images and meaning are a mirror, A conversation. This is a portrait, a portrait of fates. I know, of a brash apt reprobate. You may discuss mad events, tortured skies and broken wrists With anyone. Throw caution to a restless wind, touch my fingertips with your Thick warm thighs. Brittany my child, you haven't changed. The sweater you've worn, is a shade of grey. "Il est plus difficile de changer ce qui se trouve a l'exterieur que ce qui se trouve a l'interieur." Capricorn, a figure of speech. You break the silence, with perfect teeth. Brace yourself, there's pride in defeat. Careful with that brandished blade, you hold in your beat.
You can distance yourself from the presence of fools As they regard you with a wistful stare. Because science has privileged access to truth Though in the mirror you regard you. Noematic return to the treason of life, Noetic portrait of the common man. Surely you recall every primordial slip, A quasi-mystical cabaret. Your radical brain is a shot in the arm; Skeptical visions at your fingertips. Zhuangzi's Heideggerian princess is on, Establishing dialogue between god and man.
Regard.. Cet homme aux yeux grands ouverts, vert et fletri. Profonds canyons de lumiere, oblique et recherche. Visage, Un visage grave dans la pierre, un coeur en velours. Dire des mots de nostalgie, chanter une chanson d'amour. Si sa main tremble, saisir fermement et promets au monde. (Mais la Lune éclairait juste son visage. Il appartenait à une société occulte... Je vous demande pardon.) Tu vois la langue aux yeux silencieux. Un squelette a la fete des delices terrestres Tout pour vous madame: Espace metamorphique sacre sans le fardeau de la science! (tu captes vraiment rien)
Fondue Shop 03:50
It's cold outside, the stars won't shine, Wavin' trees, 23 degrees. Hollow grams, the polythene scam Catamaran, of a two-tone gland. Any tribal tat, wall-to-wall, Met with everyone you know Tryst fondue trip, hipster shit. Geneva gowns, all through the town One more repeal, by Catherine wheel. To take a walk, to the Fondue Shop Order some thinks, from the ever-brink. Gemini Sam, mutable man. Always Altamont, another budget cut. With chagrin, no ventral fin. Knew firsthand, high demand, contraband, ampersand, The modal bird and bee, the parting sea. (Skeleton key phonology) Hyperbole, in the third degree. Opium tea reality.
Jiu Jitsu 03:27
Tessellate in our town. Drivin' 'round teethin', Brigands without feelin', Prayin', rather weavin', Aliquot, But trapped in a bodiless null, annnnd... Movin' 'round sentient, this semblance town. The chymosin droshky - fools 'n devils abound. Ever seeming seamless, cassideous genius. A Franco-mick with aspirations; And all that debt must be consumed. With all the convoys at the border, They look like crystal in this hell. Transgender all-weekender, Bones lost in blood. The sun's ovulation: In every god we trust. Cutting cheek-boned bankers, A bunch of pink-faced wankers. Movin' 'round sentient, this semblance town The chymosin droshky - fools 'n devils abound Ever seeming seamless, cassideous genius. A praise of blue-blooded ascension. No other merits need apply. Must be in god's estrogenal far-sight. A severed Botha apartheid.
Chimera 03:58
Not a word about what you'll see. A shepherd who talks like a priest. The fossil sound of the universe, The forest and the sea. You can't enforce, touch my hand, Mystery. Disappear like a thousand times before. One half heart, one part soul. You know how a spider works, The webbing and the tree. You're a vengeful, merciful god, Chimera.
There ain't no prison in the sun, There are no boundaries from the rain, We're only captive in the presence of society's restraints. You play the fool, I play the saint. Reverse the roles for the refrain. Two pairs of yin and yang, the magic of our biologic paint. You know the stars can never end, They die and live once again, To break up our minds, relive the vicious times, everyone wants to forget. This is the season (when) trees break into grief, Never, always, somewhere - all together once again. But in the season (when) trees break into grief, Backward, forward, nowhere - not the same but all as one. The light in our eyes is not our own, Alit from afar, elusive. The light in our eyes is not our own, Alit from afar, elusive.


Containing recordings from Croix's earlier career as well as a mix of new songs, Cosmospine is a no frills, high-energy romp through psychedelic rock and art-punk stylings. A return to Croix's early acid western aesthetic.


released October 23, 2021

Produced by Deckard Croix
Mixed/Mastered by Deckard Croix
Album artwork by Osama Doger
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Deckard Croix (Vox, guitars, piano)
Etsu Noguchi (Synths, percussion)
Carrie Aldridge (Synths, percussion)
Ian Cartwright (Bass, percussion)
Shiro Imai (Drums, percussion)


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Deckard Croix Columbus, Ohio

There are many elements comprising Croix’s style, however, psychedelia, ambience, and musique concrete are the most predominant strains featured in nearly every project. Other recurring panaches involve atonality, dissonance, indeterminism, and droning. All Croix recordings convey a heavy preference for the lo-fi aesthetic. ... more

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